World History Questions & Answers

World History Questions & Answers


Your essay responses cannot be superficial or brief overviews. The essays must be precise, factually detailed, thoughtful, comprehensive responses and analyses that demonstrate thorough, knowledgeable understanding of the subjects they address. All essays must be written in grammatically correct and effective prose.


1. Discuss in detail the subject historians identify as “the instruments of war.” Your discussion should identify and explore the specific features and elements that shape the following three respective themes comprising “the instruments of war:” one, the basic warfare arms; two, the conduct of war; and, three, spheres and structures of warfare.

2. By focusing on the period from Archaic to Classical Greece, identify and analyze the changes in Greek warfare and society that marked what historians often describe as “the Western revolution in warfare.” Complete your essay on Greek warfare by discussing the decisive contributions of Philip II and Alexander the Great to the transformation of Greek war making.

3. Discuss the origins of the Roman Republican army, the relationship between citizenship and military service, and the impact of the Marian Reforms on the Roman military. Review the organization of the Imperial army and its transformation. Conclude your essay by identifying the Roman army’s chief structural phases of transformation over time and how each phase of development reflected corresponding changes in Romans’ attitudes towards, and participation in, their own military.



World History Questions & Answers


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