World-Case Study Analysis

World-Case Study Analysis

Iggy’s Bread of the World

INSTRUCTIONS: Analyze the Iggy’s Bread of the World case(Please See attached Case Study) and write a minimum 2-page paper (single-spaced and 12 point type) that answers the questions posed below. Tie in explicit reference to our course reading materials(please see attached files,video links,Reading links) as relevant to your analysis. When doing so, italicize specific concepts or terms used and cite the reading (at least 3 or more cites) or the relevant authors of the theories used. Given that I am familiar with all references from this course, you can simply put the authors’ names in parentheses to cite. Note: There is no need to use direct quotes from the Iggy’s case. You can simply paraphrase (e.g., refer to an issue/event in the case in your own words) in your analysis.

1. Describe the culture at Iggy’s Bread of the World. In your description, be sure to clearly indicate what the artifacts, espoused values, and underlying basic assumptions are at Iggy’s. How has the culture helped and/or hindered the growth of Iggy’s?

2. Imagine you are a board member making recommendations to the Ivanovics regarding McRae’s proposal. What would you recommend? Provide your rationale.

3. What specific suggestions do you have to help Iggy’s Bread of the World cope more effectively with changes that need to be made in their workplace?

Course Reading Materials:

Reading link:

Video link:

Reading Materials:

Please see attached 3 files(What leader,Organizational power point and Schein org)


World-Case Study Analysis

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