Week 6 Discussion

Week 6 Discussion

Task 1:

For your Discussion this week, share at least THREE takeaways from the readings/video on organizational culture (200 word minimum)

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Please see attached 3 files(What leader,Organizational power point and Schein org)

Task 2:

Write Comments For the below Two Posts

Post 1:

Hi All,

Culture, this is the most important term I had across three courses in my MBA program. According to the readings, Good leaders give good results and performance. Good leaders have strong culture in place which impacts the performance in any organization. Good leaders understand the past and present culture to create a successful culture going into future and to have successful business. Good leaders must walk the talk, meaning they must be role models for their employees to follow them, not just giving long lectures about the culture. Also, they must make wise decisions about investing in hiring employees whose core values are aligned with the team and the organization/group.

International Cultural differences is the topic I do have some personal experience regarding working in India Vs in America. With diverse workplaces nowadays it is becoming increasingly important to understand different cultures for the success of an organization. Everybody must invest some time to learn as much as possible about the cultures they are dealing with and to involve those who have a good understanding of the culture in making decisions where couture could be an issue.

According to the video “How to create a culture success” by Charles O’Reilly, I really believe in norms and values need to be invested in encouraging Adaptability in cultures among the members of the team/group by making them understand how important it is for everybody be involved and believe that their work is important, be initiative, feel free to explore, be creative, be recognized, rewarded appropriately (not financial incentives, which might actually work against the culture).

In the article “Organizational Culture”, I prefer the way the author mentioned that Understanding the Dynamics of Culture helps understand others point of view. This feels right in a lot of cases. How first perceived value of someone becomes shared value/belief of the group by receiving a success and that becomes a shared assumption when continues to succeed. That individual becomes the leader of the group and his values and beliefs become part of the culture of the group.

Dhatri Alla

Post 2:


The Organizational Culture and Leadership excerpt goes into depth about examples of culture in a workplace, what makes up a culture, a formal definition, levels, and various questions on culture. One point made on page 10 was about how culture and leadership are two sides of the same coin. It’s stated that neither of them can be defined without the other. For example, an organization can’t constitute a good leader or not without cultural norms and leaders are responsible for creating or managing culture. I find this true in my organization based on how are managers are judged based upon whether they follow our core values or not. The leadership team were also the ones that helped set these same core values as they embody them with their actions. Nobody is perfect but there is a balance there.

From the video, Charles O’Reilly: How to Create a Culture of Success, he makes the point of a leader needing to be “boring”. He elaborates as he means that they need to repeat some things over and over, especially when it comes to points on values and culture. A leader may embody this “cultural idea”, but it also needs to be pointed out consistently enough to make it valued.

Another point from this week’s readings is made from the HBR article on not trying to change culture. The idea is pointed out that cultural change more so just happens and needs to be experienced. It comes from a change in processes and actions over time. I find this to be true as well as I believed things like this can’t be forced. You can’t just say “x” is a part of our culture now and expect people to try to follow. It takes a leader to embody it, explain the importance of it, and get others on board as well.





Week 6 Discussion

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