Week 1 Discussion

Week 1 Discussion

  • Group 1 – Last names beginning with A – F: What are some of the features of project and portfolio management (PPM) software? What are some of the popular and recommended tools on the market?\

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Project and portfolio management (PPM) software is essential for managing projects, programs, and portfolios effectively. The software has various features that help project managers to streamline project planning, execution, and monitoring, enabling them to make informed decisions founded on real-time information. In this post, we will explore some of the features of PPM software and popular tools in the market.

Features of PPM Software

Project Planning

PPM software enables project managers to easily create and manage project plans. The software allows users to define project scope, schedule tasks, allocate resources, and establish timelines (Kerzner, 2017). With the help of PPM software, project managers can create Gantt charts, work breakdown structures, and other visual tools that help to plan and track project progress.

Resource Management

PPM software provides project managers with an overview of available resources, including personnel, equipment, and materials. The software helps to assign tasks to available resources and track their progress. Additionally, PPM software can help in capacity planning, ensuring project teams have the necessary resources to complete projects successfully.

Time and Expense Management

PPM software enables project managers to track time and expenses associated with project tasks. This feature helps project managers monitor project costs and identify areas to optimize spending. Furthermore, PPM software can help with invoicing and billing, ensuring project expenses are accurately tracked and billed.

Risk Management

PPM software provides project managers with tools to identify and manage project risks. The software helps create risk profiles, identify potential risks, and monitor risk levels throughout the project lifecycle (Wideman, 2022). Additionally, PPM software can help in creating contingency plans to mitigate project risks.


PPM software enables project teams to collaborate effectively by providing a centralized platform for sharing information, communicating, and coordinating project activities. The software helps create a shared understanding of project goals, objectives, and timelines, enhancing teamwork and improving project outcomes.

Popular and Recommended PPM Tools in the Market

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is a popular PPM software tool that offers features for project planning, resource management, expense and time tracking, and risk management (Ferreira et al., 2018). The software also provides collaboration tools, including team communication and document sharing.


Wrike is a cloud-based project management tool that offers resource management, project planning, as well as collaboration features (Özkan & Mishra, 2019). The software provides time and expense tracking tools, risk management, and team communication, making it a comprehensive PPM solution.


Jira is a popular software development tool that offers project planning, issue tracking, and collaboration features. The software provides advanced features for agile project management, making it an ideal tool for software development teams.

In conclusion, PPM software is essential for managing projects, programs, and portfolios effectively. The software provides features for project planning, resource management, time and expense tracking, risk management, and collaboration, enabling project managers to make informed decisions based on real-time data. Some of the popular and recommended PPM tools in the market include Microsoft Project, Asana, Trello, Wrike, and Jira.

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What are some of the features of project and portfolio management (PPM) software? What are some of the popular and recommended tools on the market?

A project is an endeavor that has a defined purpose and expected deliverable. The end goal is known and may be a product, service, or result. A portfolio is a collection of projects, programs, and processes that are managed together and optimized as a group to achieve a strategic objective.  A strategic planning commitment requires continuous optimization of the processes. The allocation, prioritization, and scheduling of resources needs to be continually evaluated and adjusted across all the projects.

“Project portfolio management is the analysis and optimization of the costs, resources, technologies and processes for all the projects and programs within a portfolio.” (2023, Projectmanager.com) The main goal of PPM is to make sure that the outcomes of all the projects support the business objectives and strategic goals of the organization.

PPM software is designed to assist in managing projects. The software is a tool that is used to make project management tasks and communications easier and more efficient. These tools can be used to centralize the management and maintenance of a project or portfolio. These tools can help create a project roadmap, allocate resources, determine timelines, and keep track of progress. This is done while minimizing risk and managing expectations for each step. Most PPM software has the ability to produce Gantt charts and network diagrams. They assist in the business analysis, reviewing of budgets, analyzing progress, status reporting, and other tasks.

There are many options for PPM software. They range from free online sites to smart phone applications to high-cost enterprise-wide applications. Many people continue to use Microsoft Word and Excel in project management as they are tools that most users already have and are familiar with. The most used PPM software is Microsoft Project. This is most likely because people are familiar with Microsoft products, and it integrates with applications that they already use. The highest rated and most recommended PPM software of 2023 are monday.com, Smartsheet, and Wrike.



Week 1 Discussion

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