Uint 8 Responses Assignment

Uint 8 Responses Assignment

1. i believe that I could handle the responsibilities of addressing the clients needs. I am not judgemental or racist, nor do I critisize for religion preference. People tend to feel comfortable with me because I create a safe enviorment and I listen intentively to what they have to say. I might face some challenges with clients if they do not feel as though I am giving them the respect or attention or help that they are seeking out. Clients that are legally bound to the services might lack motivation to recieve the help being provided. I would do my best to make sure I reach all standards and give quality performance when engaging the apropriate steps to solving the problem.


Human service professionals are expected to provide services to people, regardless of their identity, nationality, or beliefs. Human service workers operate using the National standards for human professionals also referred to as NOHS. I can foresee myself being able to do this and be quite proficient at it. I am a very compassionate, honest, and caring person and I always want to help and aid others, especially in their time of need. I believe I can encompass what is needed of me to become a proficient Human Services Worker.

When I think about some of the obstacles I may face while working as a Human Service Worker, I think the potential obstacles will only strengthen my abilities to do better at my job. I think the longer I work in the profession I will be better at serving my community. Some of the obstacles I may face is my age. I am an older person attending college and wanting to start a new career choice. Some clients may feel they cannot ‘relate to me’ because of my age. I would like to be a substance abuse counselor and another obstacle I may face is that the client may not be able to relate to me because I have never had a substance abuse problem myself, but I have been around it. They may think that I do not see their point of view. With every new career or job challenges may arise, but challenges are meant to be overcome, and I believe I will be an excellent substance abuse counselor. I believe that with me going to college later in life, chasing my dreams and following through will show others it is never too late to change for the better. Everything worth having is worth doing.

My question for the class is the following: Do you think my age will be an obstacle as I work as a substance abuse counselor?

Thank you,


Uint 8 Responses Assignment

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