The Media Makeover Assignment

The Media Makeover Assignment
Introduction: This semester we will interrogate the power of storytelling and media. We look at the producers, the stories, the consumers and the devices that carry those stories. The movies we watch, the books we read, the comics we consume, the images we see, all teach us something. Because of this, we need to engage with continued critical analysis of media production and consumption. The media makeover project is a place where you will bring together the theory, skills and ideas from the semester to engage in your own academic analysis of the stories we consume.
Assignment: The media makeover project requires that you choose a story/media text to critically analyze using the tools and theories that we have covered this semester. You will pick a story/media text that has not properly represented a group/culture/person/or place; and present an alternative to some of the problems of representation and storytelling in the piece. You needs to do a proposal where you outline your approach,
NOTE: This is not asking you to be a movie critic and fix an issue with the plot. You need to pick a story/media text that represents a culture, person, or group of people in a specific way; and analyze how/why that representation is false.
Skills Development/Demonstration: To (a) demonstrate understanding of the problems and pitfalls associated with representions of society in the media, (b) apply knowledge of those problems to a media text and offering an argument regarding why the current representation is problematic, (c) offer solutions regarding that text and its representations, (d) use a variety of academic and creative formats to express yourself.
The Media Makeover Assignment has three parts:
1. Proposal is a 200-400 word (roughly 1 double-spaced page)
submission outlining a preliminary idea for your project. Your proposal should introduce the story/media text you are addressing; and give a clear explanation of how you think you will make it over to be more progressive/equitable.
a. The proposal must also include a full annotated bibliographic reference for 1 academic and 1 popular source that you will use to inform your work. This is not included in the word count. For each source in your annotated bibliography you should have: a full citation for the source (APA or MLA), 4-5 sentencs
explaining what the source is about, and include three
keywords used to classify the source.


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