The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel

MUSTwatch the film – The Grand Budapest Hotel (link below), before writing the essay

Essay Topic:

How does Wes Anderson present the Grand Budapest Hotel’s architecture in order to tell Zero Mustafa’s story?

Themes to consider(MUST use):

· Framing

· Reality vs. imaginary

Film Vocabulary to consider(MUST use):

· Post modernism

· Intertextuality

· Cinema of attractions

· Surrealism

Design Vocabulary to consider(MUST use):

· Atrium spaces

· Vertical movement

· Scale and color

· Jugenstil(Art Nouveau)

Guidelines for writing your essay question:

Paragraph one

· The topic sentence must include the film title, director and year as well as you’re your main idea. The main idea answers the question.

· The body of the paragraph develops your main idea

ü MUSTuse one scene from the film to support your answer.

§ Provide specific information about design and an analysis of such film elements as:

1. composition,

2. significant objects,

3. materials used for the set and

4. the positions of the actors and what they say.

Paragraph two

· Analyze your scene in relationship to one or two otherscene.

· The concluding sentence closes the paragraph by asserting how you have developed your main idea in the paragraph. It tells me what you learned when you watched, listened and wrote about the film.

General instructions

· MUSTInclude at least one image from the film and a caption that identifies the film and director, and briefly explains why the image is relevant to your analysis.

· Be careful to choose a scene that reinforces your main idea.

· In each paragraph, MUST provide specific information about design elements and then analyze the scene, focusing on these elements.


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