The Components of the Research Article

The Components of the Research Article

******Body of paper needs to be 5 pages, not including abstract. Abstarct and Reference page needed. Please and thank you!!!!***** I have attatched the article that is needed for the essay, please let me know if there is trouble opening it so that I can resend it.

The Paper must be typed with 1” margins, double spacing, a 12 point Times Roman font. The paper must use proper APA 6th edition format. Body of paper needs to be 5 pages.

Prompt: Using the article given to you by your instructor, answer the following questions regarding the components of the research article. Include the direct reference from the article. For each question, discuss if the component meets the criteria of well-presented research.


What is the need for the study?
What is the research problem?
What is the purpose of the study clearly and is it simply stated?
What are the terms and variables relevant to the study?
What are the assumptions?
If appropriate to the design, what are the hypotheses stated?
Is there theoretical framework to guide its design? What is the framework?
Literature review

Is the review adequate in terms of the range and scope of ideas, opinions, and points of view and relevant to the problem?
How is the review organized and synthesized?
What is the critical appraisal of the contribution of each of the major references?
What are the implications for the study?
Legal and Ethical Issues

How are human rights of the participants protected?
How are legal rights of the participants protected?
What are the components of the informed consent?
How was the sample obtained?
What are the inclusive and exclusive requirements of the sample?
What are the characteristics of the randomization

What is the research design?
How is protection of human rights considered?
Are the details of data collection clearly and logically presented?
What are the instrument(s)? Are they appropriate for the study?
Are the instruments described sufficiently in terms of content, structure, validity and reliability?
What is the population and method for selection the sample?
What is the method for section of the sample appropriate?
What is the control for threats to internal validity?
What are the limits to generalizability in terms of external validity?

How is the data presented?
Describe how the data was analyzed

What are the general conclusions and generalizations?
Describe how the conclusions are supported by the data analysis?
What are the limitations of the findings?
How does the study contribute to the nursing knowledge?

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