Text book, “Effective Supervision” by Goetsch


Specifically, you will be able to do the following.

  • Discuss the legal foundation of health and safety programs

  • Explain the policy aspects of health and safety.

  • Practice safety training methods.

  • Explain accident prevention techniques.

  • Demonstrate how to conduct accident investigations.

  • Define workers compensation.

  • Describe the impact of bloodborne diseases on health and safety in the workplace.


1- Text book, “Effective Supervision” by Goetsch


1- After reading and studying chapter 12, pp. 171-185, respond to the “On-the-Job Scenarios,” #’s 1, 3, 7, AND 8, PP. 183 AND 184. of the text.

2- Write a double spaced word processed paper 1/2 a page in length MINIMUM for EACH of the FOUR QUESTIONS.

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