Cybersecurity Risk Management Program for PPP Manufacturing

Cybersecurity Risk Management Program for PPP Manufacturing
I. Title: Drafting Management’s Description of the Entity’s Cybersecurity Risk Management Program for PPP Manufacturing

II. Introduction Continuing your assignment as a consultant for PPP Manufacturing via a non-attest service agreement you are not going to develop the entity’s description of the cybersecurity risk management program. Using the information provided below you are to complete the Cyber Security Risk Management Program CSRMP Description for PPP Manufacturing. Competencies

1) Communication: Demonstrate the ability to communicate clearly both orally and in writing. Actively listen and effectively deliver information in multiple formats tailored to the intended audience. 2) Decision-making: Objectively identify and critically assess issues and use professional judgment to develop appropriate decision models, identify and analyze the costs and benefits of alternative courses of action and recommend optimal solutions.

3) Ethical conduct: Study and behave in accordance with the UMGC’s Philosophy of Academic Integrity, in a manner bound by ethical principles for the protection of society, and in accordance with professional and ethical standards of the AICPA and other accounting organizations.

4) Professional behavior: Demonstrate a work ethic of timeliness, respect for diversity, and continuous learning consistent with high professional standards set by the AICPA and other accounting associations.

5) Project management: Plan and manage individual and team work flow through effective utilization of time and other resources to accomplish objectives.

6) Reporting: Identify the appropriate content and communicate clearly and objectively to the intended audience the work performed and the results as governed by professional standards, required by law or dictated by the business environment.

7) Research: Identify, access, and apply relevant professional frameworks, standards, and guidance, as well as other information for analysis and making informed decisions.

8) Risk assessment, analysis, and management: Assess, analyze, and manage risk using appropriate frameworks, professional judgment, and skepticism for effective business management. 9) System and process management: Identify the appropriate businesses processes and system(s), related frameworks, and controls to assist in the design and use of systems for efficient and effective operations. 10) Technology and tools: Identify and utilize relevant technology and tools to analyze data, efficiently and effectively and support other competencies.


III. Steps to Completion Step 1: Begin by reviewing your understanding of the AICPA resources below for the description of the Entity’s Cybersecurity Risk Management Program.

• Description Criteria for Management’s Description of the Entity’s Cybersecurity Risk Management Program

Step 2: Utilize your template or schematic that you provided in Project 1. Step 3: Review the company information provided INSERT HERE and develop the Section 3 of the Illustrative Cybersecurity risk management report.

IV. Deliverables

1. Submit a WORD document, which will contain the final Description of CyberSecurity Risk Management Program (CSRMP) for PPP Manufacturing.

V. Frequently Ask Questions / Helpful Hints

• There will be discussion forums dedicated to discussing this project. • Read the grading rubric before beginning the project to fully understand the

requirements; ask questions about the requirements if needed. • Prepare a draft version of your description before its due. • Ask a classmate, friend, or family member to read your description and offer

feedback • Submit your work to the graduate writing tutors if needed. • Submit the deliverable on or before the due date. • Review the penalty for late submissions, which is posted in the syllabus. • Ask your professor questions as needed.

VI. Rubric

You will find a rubric in LEO under Content>Course Resources>Projects & Rubrics.

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