LW313 Assessment Long Essay

LW313 Assessment Long Essay
LW313 Assessment 3: Long Essay Titles.
LW313 Assessment Long Essay
The third and final piece of assessed work in LW313 is the Long Essay. The mark for the Long Essay contributes 60% of the final module mark. The remaining 40% of the final module mark is contributed by the mark for the Short Critical Essay (10%) and the Critical Case Commentary (30%). Long Essays must be submitted on Turnitin by 2pm on Tuesday of Week 25 (i.e., in the first week of the summer term).

Essays have a word limit of 3,000 words. Please note that the standard Law School policy applies, in which students will not be penalised for exceeding the word count until they are 10% over the word limit. The full policy and the relevant penalties are set out in the KLS UG Assessments guide 2020-2021. Module learning will be dedicated to the Long Essay in week 23.
LW313 Assessment Long Essay

Students must choose ONE of the following essay titles on which to write:

1. Giving reasons for your view, consider whether the London Charter of 08/08/1945 established the Nuremberg Trial of the Major War Criminals as a court of law.

2. Critically assess whether the International Criminal Court should have the power to prosecute individuals for corporate crimes.

3. Critically evaluate the Court of Appeal judgment in Bebb v Law Society [1913] EWHC 1.

4. “[T]he more students internalise the reality of the law as institutions, procedures and rules, the more difficult it becomes to see these things not simply as social facts (which they are) but as contingent and socially constructed phenomena which have no natural role or even existence, but which have a function related both to the economic structure and the division of wealth in society and to the ideology of those with power in that society.”
Mansell, Meteyard and Thompson, A Critical Introduction to Law, 4th edition (Routledge; 2015), Preface.
Consider critically the above quotation.

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