The Preparedness Phase at local level

The Preparedness Phase at local level

In the following discussion thread, please make discussion posts that are thought provoking, causing discussion of the unit topics with perceptions, ideas, and supported facts.

Answer at least 2 of the following questions in DETAIL


Each question should be researched beyond the text book and properly cited.

Unit 3 Discussion Questions
1. Describe the preparedness phase at the local level and what specific activities would be involved?

2. What seven elements can be used to measure the comprehensive nature of an evacuation plan? What were some of the issues seen in the evacuation of New Orleans during Katrina?

3. Name five special needs populations in your community, and describe what makes their disaster planning needs unique.

4. Describe each of the 4 exercises used in communities to prepare for a disaster and how would these exercises be schedules by the emergency manager for the community, recognizing limited resources?

5. Why is it important to involve representatives from all stakeholders in the disaster planning process?

6. Name and describe the six basic emergency management audiences and explain whether they would be internal or external customers.

7. What is the objective of communication preparedness and mitigation messages to the public?

8. How can the media serve as a partner to emergency managers and what policies does FEMA suggest in utilizing the media?

9. What are some issues and dilemmas facing risk communicators?



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