7BSP1090 Intrapreneurship and Enterprise

7BSP1090 Intrapreneurship and Enterprise
7BSP1090 Intrapreneurship and Enterprise 2020-21
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A. Individual Essay
Your brief is as follows:

• Identify some activity by managers within an organisation, or an individual entrepreneur or owner manager that seems to you to illustrate intrapreneurial themes and/or enterprising patterns of behaviour

• Around this, select an issue relevant to the content of this module and that seems interesting to you for some personal reason which you should specify, making links to your own experience. (Please note that the core issue must not be a topic you have already addressed in your previous assignments during your studies). Explain and justify your choice.

• Next, from a literature search, identify two or three academic journal articles on the subject, and write a critical discussion on the issues raised by the authors of the articles. In particular, you should highlight ways in which the concepts, frameworks and/or theory set out in the journal articles either supports or departs from the behavioural issue you have identified.

• You should make specific in your analysis of the activity concerned how and why you chose the manager(s) and individual (s) concerned.

Word limit 3,000 words. Your work should conclude with a word count (available on most word processing packages) and should include in an appendix a reflective commentary on your learning (see below).

B. Reflective Piece
For 10% of the grade you are required to return as part of your submission document a short statement or commentary on personal learning (maximum one side of A4) in relation to your inquiry on this module. This should include a reflection on your experience of group work and, for example, your contribution online to the learning of others. Description without reflection and analysis is not enough.

Any specific instructions:

1. All students must provide in Part A sufficiently clear introductory and supporting material to provide their personal rationale for choice of organisation as well as evidence of their research process. In your rationale, make a link to academic definitions of Intrapreneurship, entrepreneurship or enterprise as appropriate. Strong statements must be supported by evidence, example or reference.
2. Students who do not provide a statement of personal learning will lose 10% of the module grade.
3. Check your work against the brief before submission. If in doubt, check with your tutors.
4. The submission deadline is 18th June 2021. Work submitted late, or plagiarised, will be subject to standard penalties.

Marking and referencing
All student work needs to be of a high academic standard, in terms of written English and use of the Harvard Referencing System (HRS). This forms part of the UH Grading Criteria. Mark schemes in Module Guides provide additional detail on what, specifically, is required of students in each module’s assessment. Students should refer to their Programme Handbook for more details on the UH Grading Criteria and the requirement to use the HRS.

Mark scheme:
Performance will be assessed using HBS PG Grading Criteria and Mark scheme. The HBS Generic Grading Criteria for all forms of assessment is available in your Programme Handbook and can also be found on the CASE website.

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