Strategic Appraisal Report

Strategic Appraisal Report

Strategic Appraisal Report– This analysis is expected to give students the opportunity to evaluate a company of their choice and use the strategy tools discussed in this course. You will act as a consultant who has been asked to give a status of the organization to the board of directors.

Board members are short on time so it is very important that your report is concisely written and free from speculation and drama.  Please use this template. You must use APA style writing and your report should be a minimum of 4 pages and a maximum of 7 pages. Additional academic writing support options are available here.

Any submission received past the due date will receive an automatic 15% deduction.

Your report should include the following:

  • The organizations vision/mission statement
  • The external environment including:
    • Segments of the environment that currently impact the firm
    • Porter’s Five Forces Model
  • The internal environment including:
    • Resources, capabilities, and core competencies
    • Value chain analysis
    • SWOT analysis
  • Business model
  • Type of business-level strategy used
  • Competitor analysis
  • International opportunities
  • Organization structure & leadership
  • Innovation
  • Recommendations



Strategic Appraisal Report

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