Social Policy And Faith

Social Policy And Faith

Students will write a paper that identifies and analyzes a social policy from the Bible and identifies its implications for policy development in today’s society.The paper should be 3-4 pages long (not including the cover and reference pages), and APA 7 formatting is required. Be sure to address each of the prompts/questions listed in the assignment.Students will need to include biblical citations, the Segal text, the Generous Justice text, and at least one other scholarly resource.Students may use a Bible Concordance to assist in identifying a social policy discussed in the Bible.

1. Identify and describe a social policy developed by Jesus/God or one of the prophets that is described in the Old or New Testament of the Bible. What is the social policy meant to address?

2. Describe what led to this policy being developed (what was the impetus)?

3. Who benefits from the policy? Who does not benefit?

4.  Use the Segal text (page 21) to identify and describe at least 3 underlying values/beliefs that appear to have guided the development of the policy.

5. What was/is the actual impact of the implementation of the policy?

6. Describe a model of justice that aligns with the social policy (See pages 74-75 of the Segal text).

7. How is this policy relevant to today’s society?

8. Identify a current social policy that is comparable to the policy you identified in the Bible. Compare and contrast the two policies on their:

  • Underlying values/beliefs
  • Approach to addressing the social problem
  • Who benefits and who does not benefit

9. Identify and describe at least two biblical principles evident in the social policy from the Bible that could benefit the policy-making process in today’s society?



Social Policy And Faith

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