Siteman Cancer Center Page

Siteman Cancer Center Page

My professors instructions are down below. Thank you for helping me. Please attach the screenshot to the paper after the works cited page. If you need anymore information please let me know.


1. Go to Siteman Cancer Center Page at

2. Choose ONE of the following diseases listed on that page to get started. It would be the best, and most interesting, to choose a cancer or disease that is prevalent in your family history.

3. Answer the questions that are asked of you to the best of your knowledge. Some answers you may not know for certain but just choose the best/closest answer.

4. Take a screenshot of the results page. Save it so you can attach to your written assignment.

5. Write a 500 word paper (on word) answering the following questions:

1. Which cancer or disease did you choose? Why did you choose it?
2. Did any of the questions asked of you, surprise you? Why?
3. Did you know most/all of the answers for certain? If not, why?
4. How did you score? (Below Average, Average etc)
5. If you need to decrease your risk, what do you need to do differently?
6. If were NOT at risk, what do you need to continue doing well? Is there anything you could continue to do, but do it better?
7. Is it an easy life change and/or continue that behavior or would it be a big adjustment? Explain.
8. What are the recommendations of both the website and your textbook regarding the cancer or disease that you chose?

Attach your screenshot and your written document in the dropbox provided.



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