Short Questions on Marketing Strategies

Short Questions on Marketing Strategies

1- Imagine you are designing a marketing campaign for a new grocery store opening in the Downtown/Brickell area. What demographics would you be considering when creating this campaign? (Chapter 1)

2- Briefly outline what a corporate social initiative program might be for the Lowes (home & building supplies) corporation. Note: This should be something you come up with yourself, not an initiative that the company currently uses. (Chapter 2)

3- In your opinion, which of the five senses is most important in sensory marketing and why? (Chapter 3)

4- Describe the concept of gamification and give two examples of how a retail clothing store could use gamification in their sales and marketing strategies. (Chapter 4)

5- How can a brand’s personality influence consumer behavior? Give two examples of organizations whose brand personality directly relates to the consumers personality. (Chapter 7)

6- Explain how reciprocity, scarcity, authority, consistency, liking, and consensus can change a consumer’s attitude. Use a real-world example/organization for each concept. (Chapter 8)

7- In your opinion, which of the hedonistic shopping motives most accurately describes the shopping motives of the average American? Defend your belief. (Chapter 10)

8- Give two examples of brands that have relied on conformity to strengthen their brand and brand communities. Explain why these brands have been successful. (Chapter 11)

9- When thinking about the automobile market in South Florida, is social class or income a better predictor of consumer behavior? Defend your belief. (Chapter 12)

10- How does the McDonalds corporation adapt to local cultures in their international locations? (Chapter 14)

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