Risks and Cultural and Normative Profile

Risks and Cultural and Normative Profile
After having opened its fourth theme park outside the US in Shanghai, China in June of 2016,
the Walt Disney Company intends to internationalize further. It compiles a team of international
business experts (you!) to conduct a country analysis about a potential new foreign market in
which to set up another theme park.
The country chosen by the team was the Netherlands. My two parts in the project are Risks and Cultural and Normative Profile. informal (cultural) institutions as well as a
political and economic risk analysis (including recommendations on how to mitigate/ manage
possible risks).

Risks Significant economic and political risks,
particularly those pertaining to:
 Political turmoil
 External debt, fiscal deficits, interest rates,
currency devaluation
 Corruption, economic freedom, national
competitiveness compared to other
 Explain explicitly how the information you present
support your country choice.

Cultural and
Discuss aspects of your focal country’s
predominant religion(s), language(s),
communication, social class structure,
values and attitudes, customer preferences
and tastes, aesthetics, widely accepted
norms, expectations and obligations as well
as other relevant and important cultural and
normative characteristics that should be
known to Disney when doing business in
your focal country
 This section refers only to your focal country; you
do not need to show comparative data for the other
 Explain explicitly how the information you present
support your country choice.

You must use reliable and legitimate data sources to gather the required data and information,
and need to cite these data sources in APA format. While you will be able to find most data
sources online.
Also visit:
· www.heritage.org/index for Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom
· www.weforum.org for the World Economic Forum’s global competitiveness database
(search for the Global Competitiveness Report to access the current, 2019 report)
· http://www.transparency.org for Transparency International’s database on corruption

You must prepare the tables, charts, graphs and exhibits based on the information you have
gathered, NOT downloads of tables, charts, graphs and exhibits from reports. In other words,
you need to create your own tables, charts, graphs, exhibits etc. based on the data and
information you have gathered.
3) Use Times New Roman 12 point font, double-spacing, and standard 1” margins all around.

Use headings and subheadings, and do so consistently throughout the report.

Risks and Cultural and Normative Profile

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