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I had a manager that will always be one of my favorite leaders. He was a great example of a leader and not just a manager, and he always had his associates’ best interest in mind. He was able to provide productive and meaningful coaching when needed, and he also rewarded his associates when they did well. Positive reinforcement and educating an associate on how they can improve while providing the tools to do so is very important. I have always been a firm believer in setting others up for success and giving people the tools to improve their performance and knowledge to use for the future, and he was a leader that reinforced all of those traits. Believing in his associates and empowering them was his strongest trait and his weakest was caring too much and at times letting the stress and personal connections affect him.

I have also had experience with a bad manager. She had a very strict and harsh persona, and was strictly business all of the time. She hardly ever provided positive feedback or rewarded her associates for good productivity. This manager also showed favoritism towards certain employees which lead to unfair treatment across the team. When she was having a good day, she was positive and more upbeat. It was very obvious, however, when she was having a bad day because her emotions contributed to her leadership skills and approach.

Ethics are definitely important when it comes to being a successful manager or leader. You need to be educated on ethics in order to know how to handle certain situations and also how to communicate with others in an appropriate manner. I think that the manager that I favored had more knowledge in regards to ethics than the manager who I did not favor. He knew how to speak to his associates in a professional and courteous manner and was personable enough to connect with his associates. The manager who I did not favor did not make an effort to connect to all of her associates and also at times did not know how to conduct herself or how to speak to her team.



Respond Discussion


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