Research Paper For Insurance Risk Management

Research Paper For Insurance Risk Management

The research should focus on some aspect of risk management and/ or insurance. The objective is to clearly identify the topic research question, investigate the topic, apply relevant course materials and provide results from research findings. Conclusions should be adequately supported. Creative and current research topics are encouraged. Provide detailed information of the question(s) to be addressed and include details.

Global Warming~ Climate Change and implications

Research Paper For Insurance Risk Management


8 -10 pages NO PLAGERISM- 

The term paper should include references and supporting materials. Include an executive summary (includes the topic clearly stated, a brief description of the research method(s) employed, and provide a summary of research conclusions.) All references must be properly cited. At least 3 references must be included. Include a list of references at the end of the paper. Please number pages, use spell check, review the research question for clarity, and address the question in the paper. Rough drafts must be typed. Rough draft submissions will receive constructive comments. Make every effort to turn in a well thought out draft with the pertinent supporting materials and logical conclusions. There will be the opportunity to revise the paper prior to the deadline for the final submission. Whenever possible, use quantification, graphs, tables, and charts.

based off this outline

Research Proposal

The Wicked Problem of Global Warming and Climate Change Implications and Risk Management


Global warming is characterized as a wicked problem, a complex difficult problem that has real world constraints that hinders risk-free attempts to find a solution. Traditional risk management would not be a sustainable approach to help solve the impending global warming implications, “The use of a traditional method disregards, and ignores, any uncertainties arising from systems’ complexities and unpredictable behaviors.’’(Koelsch,2014) As a result, we must evolve and assess the way we manage the risks associated with global warming and climate change implications. An integrated risk management approach to assessing the risks of global warming and climate change implications would help address the issues of adaptation and mitigation of global warming. This research project will provide an overview of integrated risk management analysis practice addressing global warming and climate change implications.

Problem Statement

The importance of identifying appropriate methods to assess risk for the unpredictable ramifications of risk involved with global warming has been recognized by the industry. When there is certainty in loss, risk can be easier to treat and plan for, however the risk involved in global warming and climate change implications is uncertain. The management of risk become an important problem and a lot more complex to assess. There are serious implications involved to society if global warming cannot be managed. It has, is, and will affect economies, the environments, and societies on various scales of magnitude. Global warming is pure risk, there is no possibility of gain so far, only ways to mitigate and adapt to global warming and climate change implications. There are a lot of issues that contribute to the issue of global warming and climate change implications like lack of understanding on the subject politically (science vs hoax) and the social consensus. In summary, there is a need for a better assessment of global warming and climate change implications and risk management in identifying the risk, evaluation, and selection of management techniques to help the in progress of managing, mitigate, adapting, and being proactive regarding risk. More specifically, the following research questions need to be addressed:

1.  What are the typical risks found in global warming and climate change risk management?

2.  How to classify these risks for easier identification and evaluation?

3.  What are the current industry practices as well as research advancements in evaluating and solving this risk?

How to unify the risks classification knowledge and various risk evaluating efforts into a framework for risk management. Furthermore, I will go through a risk management process in the paper (indefinity the risk, evaluate the risk, select risk management technique, and implement and review decisions).


The long-term goal of the research is to develop a formalized risk management system. The objective of the research paper is to provide a comprehensive review of literature and industry practices in relation to global warming and climate change risk management and outline a methodology for risk management. I will address the benefits and impacts such as a better understanding of Global warming and climate change implications and improved processed of the risk management process that will be generated if the research problem is answered Particularly the study has the following sub-objectives:

1.  To provide a comprehensive review of sources and characteristic of risk typically found in global warming and climate change risk management;

2.  To develop a risk classification method for easier risk identification and evaluation;

3.  To review current industry practices and research in regard to risk management and evaluation;

4.  To outline a risk management process for global warming and climate change constraints.

The results of this study will be valuable to the risk management industry and insurance industry as well as related to risk management software analysis in developing more applicable methods and practices for global warming and climate change implications in risk management.

Preliminary literature review

A preliminary literature review will provide a summary of previous related research related to global warming and climate change implications in risk managements and the strengths and weaknesses and justification of this research topic to the industry. There is the traditional risk management model and the integrated risk management model that has been used by others. I will focus on the Integrated risk management process. This research is still necessary because due to the uncertainty of global warming and climate change implications the pure risk is hard to assess by those in risk management.


The primary researching method for this stud is literature review and reassessing the risk management process through the integrated risk management process. Risk identification and evaluation through a focus on all risk and opportunities, to increase efficiency and better decision making, analyze risk individually and collectively, assess risk and opportunities continually, holistically, enterprise wide, and proactively.



Research Paper For Insurance Risk Management

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