Reply Analysis

Reply Analysis


Good morning class,

  • Why is knowing your audience an important part of capturing and maintaining their attention?

Knowing your audience is important because it helps you know what the people are interested in hearing and what messages will catch their attention.

  • What cultural considerations do you need to take into account for your particular audience/topic?

When you speak to an audience, you must be mindful of people of all cultures and ethnic groups. Therefore, it is important to consider cultural nuances and to avoid offending anyone unintentionally. Adding non-verbal communication styles such as body language, gestures, and posture can be a great help.

  • How are you going to keep the audience’s attention throughout the speech?

To keep the audience’s attention throughout a speech, you must be active and entertaining. Some ways to do that are by pointing out important facts, involving the audience, asking questions,  and maybe even throwing out a few jokes.

  • Find at least one example on YouTube, TEDx, or other video repositories of good attention-getting examples. Post the URL and explain how the video is a good model for capturing the audience’s attention. The video can be on any topic but must be appropriate for sharing.

This video is interesting because not only does it tell you how to maintain good audience attention, but it also tells you things to avoid.

Reply Analysis


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