1. Reflection #2 – Inspire a Shared Vision 

o LC – Ch 5-6, p.93-142

§ LC – Ch05 – Envision the Future

· Leadership Vision – 

o What percentage of time is focused on the future, imaging possibilities?

o How does future envisioning take place? Evolve to actual reality?

§ LC – Ch06 – Enlist Others

· Leadership Enlistment –

o With amount of time a modern General Manager spends responding to e-mails and analyzing a plethora of reports and data leaves little time to focus human interactions. Is this how GM’s want to operate and what can be done to change this?

o How does one articulate and encourage constituents to “buy-in” to a shared vision?

o What happens when constituents don’t buy-in to a shared vision?

o EO – Ch 3, p. 65-86

§ EO – Ch03 – Believe

· How can leaders align the immediate tactical mission to the overall strategic goals? What are the expected obstacles to doing this?

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