Python Module 2 Assignment

Python Module 2 Assignment
CSS 225 Module 2 Lab Activity

Naming Scheme for File Submissions:
Save problems with module, problem number, and your initials in the title. For example: for Module 1 Problem 3 Robyn Moncrief.

– This file with answers to Part 1
– Programs files for Part 2

Make Sure You:
– Add comments (at a minimum)
# Your name
# The date

# What the program does
– Test your program
– Fix any bugs

Part 1 – Practice Pseudocode and Flowcharts:

For the flowcharts we will be using a web app for drawing:

Write pseudocode and draw flowcharts for the following programs:

1 – A program that prints “Hello World” to the screen.

2 – A program that asks the user for their name and greets them with their name.

3 – A program that asks the user for two numbers x and y and gives them the possibility to choose between computing the sum and computing the product.

Part 2 – Programming (Practice Variable Naming Schemes)

You are writing a new program and want to use an obvious and consistent naming scheme for each variable you will create.

4 – Write a program that asks the user for their name and greets them with their name.

5 – Create a program that calculates and displays a user’s BMI (Body Mass Index). You will need to collect their height and weight.

6 – Write a program that will compute the area of a circle. Prompt the user to enter the radius and print a nice message back to the user with the answer.

7 – Write a program that will convert degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Celsius.

Challenge Problem for Bonus Points:
It is possible to name the days 0 through 6 where day 0 is Sunday and day 6 is Saturday. If you go on a vacation leaving on day number 3 (a Wednesday) and you return home after 10 nights you would return home on a Saturday (day 6) Write a general version of the program which asks for the starting day number, and the length of your stay, and it will tell you the number of day of the week you will return on.

6 – A program that automatically converts English text to Morse code and vice versa. What names would you give the variables in this program?

Python Module 2 Assignment

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