Public Policy/Admin Environment

Public Policy/Admin Environment
Description on Public Policy/Admin Environment

I need citation only from 2 books.
Public Policy/Admin Environment

. Kettl, D. (2018) Politics of the administrative process. New York: Cengage.Shafrtiz, J. and A. Hyde. (2016)
. Classics of Public administration. 8th edition. New York: Thomson.

Please read each scenarios and answer 2 question in each scenario.
Public Policy/Admin Environment

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Instructions: There are FIVE (5) scenarios on the exam with two questions related to
each scenario. Please answer each question and upload to the dropbox.

1. Ms. Hortence Temecula works in the federal Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA).
She is a Personnel Analyst I and has been an employee in the DVA for over 7 years.
Her supervisor comes to her one day and enlists her help in recruiting top college
graduates to work in the DVA. For years, top graduates have opted for work in the
private sector due to higher pay and more attractive perquisites (“perks”). However,
Hortence’s supervisor wants the DVA to make an aggressive effort at “selling” the
benefits of being a career civil servant. She sends Hortence on a recruiting trip to
local colleges and asks her to explain to prospective employees all of the benefits of
working in the federal career civil service.

a. Hortence wants to explain how public hiring has developed over the past 130 years
and the benefits or the current civil service system. Please discuss the eras of public
employment and how these have contributed to our present civil service system.
. Different evolution in public environment

b. What are some of the benefits to employees of working in a civil service system?

2. The State of Denial has a major financial problem. It is not getting its state budget
finished on time and, when the budget is complete, it usually spends more money than
the state receives in revenues. In addition to these problems, the State also has a
difficult time identifying programs and agencies for elimination and has many programs
and agencies that are seen as inefficient by the public. Due to its history of deficits, the
State has few resources at its disposal and must find some solutions quickly.
Gubernatorial and legislative elections are coming up in just over a year.

a. Based on your knowledge of the budget formats (types) that we covered in
class, discuss the budget format (type) that would be most helpful to the State in
remedying the problems mentioned in the scenario.Line items, performance, or zero

b. The State has a similar revenue structure to California. If it had to raise
revenue, what type of taxation would you recommend and why? In your answer, be sure
to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of income, sales, and property taxes.

3. In the midst of these budget changes, the neighboring state (Confusion) suffered a
major scare when a small amount of low level radioactive waste was released into the
atmosphere. The Speaker of the House of Representatives (who is known as a strong
environmentalist) worked with other pro-environmental members and groups to pass a
new piece of legislation. The legislation requires the State to store low level waste in
federally approved containers at four locations within the State. This is an approach that
had been used previously in the states of South Carolina and Nevada. Federal approval
requires adherence to a complicated set of technical standards. The waste must be
stored for no more than 6 months before being transported to South Carolina for
disposal. The State Legislative Analyst’s Office (SLAO) estimates that this change will
cost the State $153 million annually. The four locations were chosen by Congress and
represent cities in the four corners of the State. Obviously, elected officials and
residents in these areas are not pleased with the new law and must begin constructing
federally approved storage facilities within the next month. The State promises to
reimburse these communities 50% of the construction costs. These communities have
already filed in State Court to block this new requirement.

a. Given our discussion of policy formulation and implementation, discuss which
model of decision making best describes the passage of this new law.
Discuss which model making the decision making .

b. Given our discussion of the barriers to effective policy implementation, please
discuss at least two (2) factors that could make implementation of this law difficult.

4. The City of Lake Powell has a local agency called the Local Economic Growth
Organization (LEGO) that is charged with providing grants to local businesses to
relocate to downtown Lake Powell. The purpose of the grants is to revitalize the
downtown area with new businesses that can replace some of the empty store fronts
that often outnumber the amount of businesses in the downtown quadrant. LEGO gets
most of its funding from the Small Business Administration at the federal level but has
seen a decrease in funding over the past five years. The decrease in funding threatens
the ability of LEGO to continue achieving its goal of bringing more business to the
downtown area and increasing the city’s tax base.

a. Select one of the models of measuring organizational effectiveness (i.e.
goal, participant satisfaction, systems resource, or internal process) that you believe

would be helpful for LEGO in measuring effectiveness. What indicators would you use
to measure effectiveness?

b. Select one of the models of measuring organizational effectiveness that
would not be helpful for LEGO in measuring effectiveness.

5. The City of Lake Powell recently implemented a “road diet” program in its downtown
area. The “road diet” consists of narrowing streets and restricting traffic flow during
certain times of the day to encourage more pedestrian and bicycle traffic. The purpose
of the “traffic diet” program is to reduce emissions in the downtown area by increasing
foot traffic. The program has been in place for three months and it is time for the city to
evaluate the program.

a. What variables would you recommend using as the dependent variable, main
independent variable, and control variables in the program evaluation?
b. What research design would you recommend using and why? Choose
between Experimental design or quasi experimental design and why you choose

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