Project report

Project report

Week 3 Project


Communication, Risk, and Human Resources.

This course has major project assignments that will be due in Weeks 3 and 5. It will take more than a week’s effort to adequately complete them. Plan time to start the research and other work for those assignments earlier than the week in which they are due.

This week, you will submit the next three parts of the course-length project. The deliverables for Week 3 are:

  • The communications plan: Determine stakeholders from the requirements determination section. Add a new stakeholder and determine the following information for him or her:
    • Information need
    • The messages to be communicated
    • The timing and frequency of communication
    • The person responsible for communication
    • The medium for communication
  • Risk assessment: Determine potential risks that can prevent the project’s objectives from being met on time and within the budget. Develop a risk mitigation plan to manage the risks. The plan should have a severity ranking for each risk. For the most severe risk, develop a risk mitigation strategy that includes risk triggers and the team members responsible for responding to the risk.
  • The organization and human resources plan: Prepare an organizational structure for the project and identify the skills required to perform the work effectively and efficiently. Identify project team members and define their functions, responsibilities, qualifications, and capabilities. Explain where each team member fits into the organizational structure, including the details of the stage of the project where the team member will be assigned. Create a responsibility assignment matrix (RAM).
  • Provide a summary of the key information you have learned in the project so far. What seem to be the most important ideas? What ideas are you still finding challenging? What practical ways can you apply what you are learning?

Submission Details:

  • Submit your answers in a 6- to 8-page Microsoft Word document, using APA style.
  • Name your document SU_PMC6601_W3_LastName_FirstInitial.doc
  • Submit it to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.


Project report

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