Project Ideas Discussion Activity

Project Ideas Discussion Activity
Assignment Instructions:

Select a topic within “energy” that interests you.
Create a design project in a format of your choice, related to at least one of the course learning objectives:
a) Use the real scientific method to solve puzzles through order-of-magnitude estimates.
b) Use concepts from everyday life and science to qualitatively describe, and quantitatively estimate, essential
features of the physical world.
c) Define characteristics that are essential to the transport and conversion of energy.
d) Critically compare and contrast modes of energy generation and usage.
Upload your assignment as an attachment if the format is supported by Canvas or submit a URL to an external site for formats (e.g. website, movies, etc.) not supported by Canvas.
Project Ideas

To help assist with ideas for this project here are a list of projects students have submitted in the past:

Visual arts
Paintings, illustrations, videos, ceramics, kinetic sculptures, dioramas, embroideries
Crafts (blankets, bejeweled quilts), ceramics
Writing pieces
Short stories, graphic novels (aka comic books), diaries, book reports, research papers
Performing arts
Songs, poems, instrumentals, selfie videos, audio reports, comedy sketches, mini-movies with actors, interpretive dances, performance art (live!), person-on-the-street polls
Radio tacos, moon cheese, cookie reactors
Web design
Web sites, computer codes in a variety of languages (time of sunrise and sunset)
Design and architecture
Fashion design (boots, shirts, dresses, socks, hats)
Furnishing design (chairs, tables, beds)
Interior-design themes (sun room, moon room, pluto room, science sanctum sanctorum room, alien room)
Scale models, architectural thematics, industrial-design logos
Robotics, Software, Hardware, Prototypes
There are many others that i’m not remembering right now but you get the idea. People find inspiration from this course in a myriad of ways. All are perfectly fine design projects – you do not need my explicit approval. Think of it like a research project that you have full creative ability over. This is your opportunity to express what you have learned in this course in your own creative way that is related to at least one of the course learning objectives.

Project Ideas Discussion Activity

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