Professor MacQueen discussion

Professor MacQueen discussion

Describe your understanding of your peer’s current event by providing additional historical elements that may have contributed to the current event. Discuss the similarities and differences between your and your peers’ perspectives.

Kate post

Hello, my name is Katherine Narron but I go by Kate. I am a single mother of two great kids, my girl is 10 and my son is 8. I work full time, take care of my house, and go to school full time, without the help of my parents I am not sure how I would make it work. I live in south Georgia and am currently working on my A.S. in Accounting to provide a better life for my kids.

Everyone should study, or at least pay attention to, history because we can learn how to stop or prevent events from happening. When we pay attention to the past, sometimes we can prevent the same things from happening again. One of the events that have been in the news, locally, are accidental shooting of kids by kids. If we paid attention to the past events of kids getting a hold of guns and playing with them, then maybe parents/adults would make sure they are locked away. With guns safely locked away or just put up so kids could not reach them, the loss of innocent lives and injuries would stop.

Haley post


ello class! My name is Haley Reynolds and I am 23 years old and I was born and raised in Tennessee, though I recently moved to Huntsville, Alabama. I am currently pursuing my bachelors degree in health information management. I have always known that I’ve wanted to make an impact on caring for patients, but directly dealing with patients is not something that is necessarily appealing for me. Having my BS.HIT degree would allow me to help patients by making sure all medical records/files are protected, and it would be a job that is not going to slow down anytime soon that also has that ability to earn a great salary which in this day and age, is an absolute need to survive, in my opinion.

It is important to study history because it is how we learn about the past, and gives us a lot of insight into present-day issues. Learning history helps us develop the ability to avoid mistakes we have made in the past. One event that struck out to me immediately, is Covid. In 1918 the Spanish Flu pandemic was happening. They did not have the resources then that we have today. Knowing the information we do now, we are much better able to handle a pandemic at this time. Something the Spanish Flu taught us, is that social distancing works, but it works best if it is done earlier on.


Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

It has been estimated that organizations in the United States lose 5% of their revenues to fraud each year, and that 50% of inventory shrinkage is due to employee theft.

  • How can organizations combat employee dishonesty?
  • Can organizations screen for honesty in the selection process?
  • What can an organization do to encourage honest behavior among its workforce?


Baylee post

There are many ways that a business can combat employee dishonesty and I think firstly it starts with the culture. If the culture of the business is to respect one another and value each other, I think it will be less likely that employees will want to do something dishonest. Company culture is also a great place to instill honest behavior by leaders setting good examples. I also believe that if the employer provides for their employees, then the employees are going to want to keep that healthy relationship going. Lastly, I think that if the employees feel like the work they are doing is important and that their voices matter, then the employee is probably more likely to treat the employer respectfully.

If an employer is trying to screen their potential new hires for their morals, they may be able to find some answers in their resume. This would possibly require a phone call to past employers or references. Even after, one cannot always be sure of the character of people until being exposed first hand.

Kimberly post

Theft can take many forms. Stealing inventory is one form but stealing time is another. As an HR Manager I have dealt with both. I worked for a distribution warehouse and inventory shrinkage was a big deal. Employees would steal product and put it up in the ceiling to grab later. They would even put stuff in the back of the toilets. One person went so far as to steal a laptop and throw it out of a crack in the door where the trucks would pick up. At another distribution warehouse, employees were caught stealing company time by waiting in the lunchroom for their ride for almost an hour after their shift was over. They did not clock out until their ride was there. The only way we were able to catch some of these incidents was because we had cameras set up and saw the actions on camera.

One way to screen for criminal behavior is to run background checks. This does show a history but only if they were caught. You can also ask certain behavioral questions during the interview process but again, if someone is capable of stealing, they are capable of lying. It is hard to completely screen out candidates that may steal. One may be honest but run into a hardship so stealing becomes something they think about doing. Companies can do certain things to encourage honest behavior like addressing morale issues and any concerns regarding workplace dissatisfaction. They can also create systems for all accounting entries, petty cash receipts and inventory to monitor activity and prevent dishonesty, and create a system of checks and balances in writing and include repercussions for dishonest behavior and distribute the policy to all the employees.

Professor MacQueen discussion

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Professor MacQueen discussion

Professor MacQueen discussion

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