Professional Assignment #1

Professional Assignment #1

Professional Assignment 1 – CLO 1, CLO 2, CLO 3, CLO 5, CLO 8

Part I: Complete the following homework problems from the end of the chapters: E1-4, E1-5, E1-6, E1-9

Part II: Complete the following homework problems from the end of the chapters: E2-1, E2-2, E2-4, E2-7, E2-17, and P2-3A

Part III:


  • Choose a major      publicly traded corporation, then go to the corporation’s site and      retrieve the information needed for this assignment.
  • Provide      information about the history of the corporation and its current product      offerings.
  • Provide a      screenshot of the corporate’s latest reported income statement.
  • Organize the      income statement in an Excel file to enable you to verify the arithmetic      in the income statement, and explain your verifications.
  • Also, explain      the nature of each item in the income statement.
  • All submissions      should be in one Word file.

Read your textbook and other peer-reviewed publications, write a minimum of three (3) pages of high quality well-written APA formatted standard about the following scenario. Please keep in mind that this assignment is quantitative, therefore do not forget to use the figures and charts.

Information for the Hi-Test company’s production process for September follows. Assume that all materials are added at the beginning of this production process, and that conversion costs are added uniformly throughout the process.


Professional Assignment #1

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