Presidential Veto Power Assessment

Presidential Veto Power Assessment
Define presidential veto power and indicate how the veto differs from the pocket veto?

McClain or infographic presidential veto process click, 1 infographic_bill 2 LAW_veto_Pres (1).pdfActions
Veto: Action
Pocket veto: inaction
What is the veto? How does it differ from the pocket veto?
2. What is the modern presidency and how it changed with FDR?

3. define Administrative Powers, signing statements, executive orders

4. define Foreign Powers, Treaty vs. executive agreements

Hint: use chart of President’s “roles – constitution expressed/implied” click, Constitutional and informal Powers of President

5.. What is executive privilege? Why is it controversial?

6.. Consider the constitutional powers of the president. Are they greater or less than they were at the founding of the nation?

Enumerate presidential powers.
Examine the modern presidency and increased presidential power since the Founding.
The modern presidency takes on powers that are not given to it by the Constitution?
7. — Discuss the structure and organization of the executive branch.

Be sure to include the Cabinet, the Executive Office of the President, and White House staff.
Include a description of the purpose and members of the Cabinet, the Executive Office of the President, and White House staff.
Include the vice president and first lady and their roles in relation to the president.
8. What is impeachment? How many presidents have been impeached?

—click govCal_gov_execbranch_Ch06 (1).pdf

Topic: governing california chapter 6 pluralist executive

Meeting Recording: (Links to an external site.)

9. Governing California – Pluralist Executive

What are the four limitation areas described in the governor’s power to organize and manage the executive branch?
Choose four formal powers of the governor?
Are the Governor’s Veto and line–item Veto similar or different from the president’s law-making role?
10. Refer to the other executive office description in the zoom video

The superintendent of public instruction is the only member of the plural executive elected on a nonpartisan basis. Why is education administration a confusing policy area?

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