To prepare:

  • Review this week’s Learning Resources on process recordings.
  • Access the Field Experience webpage in the Learning Resources. Review the materials on process recordings, including the example completed recording. Then, download the Process Recording Template for Concentration Year and use it for this Assignment.
  • Recall the interactive media from Week 3 (Theory-Driven Advanced Practice) in which you engaged with a client. You may revisit this media piece in the Learning Resources above if needed.
  • Now, imagine that you have just met with this client and need to complete a process recording of your session.


Using the Process Recording Template for Concentration Year, complete a practice process recording based on your engagement with the client in the Theory-Driven Advanced Practice interactive media. Specifically:

  • Complete the agency and client information section.
  • Provide a transcript of your dialogue with the client.
  • Identify your application of specific theories, practice models, techniques, and skills within the interaction.
  • Analyze the interaction by interpreting the client’s verbal and nonverbal responses.
  • Describe your reactions, including what you were thinking and feeling, and/or any issues related to the client interaction.


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