PLAN Sustainable Community Design

PLAN Sustainable Community Design

PLAN 2010 Sustainable Community Design
Instructor: Dr. Charles Hostovsky, MCIP, RPP
Term paper: Sustainable Communities and New Urbanist Design
Course value = 15%, upload to Brightspace by March 24, 2021 by midnight
6 to 7 pages plus figures, 1.5 spacing, 11 to 12 point commonly used font
Part 1- (3 pages, 1 page description for each community, plus minimum 2 drawings/maps for
each community): Select 3 Charter Award Winning projects from 3 different years from the
Congress for New Urbanism (CNU) –
Note: some of the CNU descriptions are short with no photos/drawings – skip those.
Describe the New Urbanist project in your own words (half page each) and why CNU says the
design is sustainable.
Part 2 (2 to 3 pages) – Critical Analysis: Using Patrick Condon’s “7 rules for sustainable
communities”, Duany/Plater-Zyberk’s 13 Design Elements as described in Prof. Hostovsky’s
lecture, and at least 1 other source of information about New Urbanism in text books, journals
or a reputable web site – are these communities in your three case studies sustainable or only
somewhat/partly sustainable? Why?
Also google and review what other information you can find on the internet about that
 Only reference the URL/Web location once with the name of the selected case study and year of award
 If you reference outside CNU sources of information, then reference the URL/web site.
 Use the APA referencing system
Assignment 4 Marking Key
0 – no effort, 1 – poor, 2 – needs work, 3 – fair-adequate, 4 – good, 5 – excellent
Part 1 – community 1 description
Part 1 – community 2 description
Part 1 – community 3 description
Part 2 – use of the Condon text book for
guidance, use of Prof. Hostovsky’s and 1
referenced new sources
Part 2 – critical analysis of sustainability

Total (max. 25)

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