Pediatric Nursing Assignment Activity

Pediatric Nursing Assignment Activity

These are all scenario based, I’m looking for responses from you, not stuff you found in the book. Please use your book for reference but I want to know how you’d respond as the nurse. I’m giving more points (50 points) because we are approaching a halfway point and will give you an opportunity to sway your grades. Please copy and paste this write your answers after the question and repost it as your response so I can grade it. The answers don’t need to be long, I’m just assessing what you know and watch you put some of your critical thinking to the test!

#1: A 9-year-old boy is helped to the nurse’s office at school because he is having difficulty breathing after playing outside on a windy, dusty day. The nurse is aware the child has asthma and he has an inhaler for him.

A. How should the nurse respond?

B. The child used his inhaler per the prescription; however, the child’s condition is not improving. How should you as the nurse proceed?

C. What are you expected outcomes?

#2: A mother has come to urgent care with her 8 year old daughter because of a rash and swollen joints. When asked about past illnesses, the mother relates that the daughter recently had a cold and sore throat but they went away. She never took her daughter to the doctor, just kept her in bed a couple days wiht a fever and had her gargle with warm salt water. Mom states to you, the nurse, “all the kids are sharing and no need to run to the doctor . It will go away eventually.”

A. What are some immediate concerns?

B. What assessment should the nurse do or prepare the patient for?

C. What potential treatment should the nurse prepare the mother and child for if it is rheumatic fever?

#3: A6 year old child is brought to the emergency department by her parents in respiratory distress. The parents state this started right after eating sandwiches. They say this has never happened before. When asked what she ate, the mom says “PBJ on whole wheat bread, celery and carrot sticks, adn chocolate milk” The physician is suspecting a peanut allergy.

A. The mother states to you, the nurse, that she is very concerned because this has not happened before and the child eats peanut butter all the time. How should you respond?

B. Identify some ways to determining if there is allergy to peanuts.

C. What are some nursing diagnoses that would be appropriate in this situation?

#4 A 15 year old girl complains of cold sores and wants antibiotics to clear them up. The mother brought her into the clinic to get antibiotics.

A. How should you, as the nurse, respond?

B. What nursing care can you implement to assist this child?

#5 . A 17 year old mother brought her 9 month old infant son in for a health maintenance check up. You note the baby appears a little pale, capillary refill is greater than 5 seconds, and his conjunctiva are pale. You ask Mom how the baby is eating and what she is feeing him.

A. What are you trying to ascertain, in other words, what are some of the medical diagnosis that come to mind?

B. What nursing care should you implement?

C. What are some of your outcomes?


Pediatric Nursing Assignment Activity

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