Pay Structure Policy for Organization

Pay Structure Policy for Organization

Write 3- to 5-page paper (1100 words) in APA style with three to five citations. Include the following points:

How does the HR department determine the pay structure policy for the organization?
What factors does the organization consider when determining salaries and wages?
Does the organization provide financial incentives for employee performance? If so, how is it calculated? If the organization does not provide any financial incentives, does the lack of this practice seem effective in supporting performance? Why or why not?
What benefits does the organization provide employees? Are these perceived as adequate? Why or why not?
Grading Rubric:

Pay structure policy
You expertly explain how the HR department determines the pay structure policy for the organization.
Salary and wage factors
You authoritatively explain the factors that the organization considers when determining salaries and wages.
Financial incentives
If the organization provides financial incentives, you comprehensively explain how they are calculated; if the organization does not provide financial incentives, you comprehensively explain whether the lack of incentives seems effective in supporting performance and why or why not.
You astutely describe the benefits that the organization provides employees, whether they are perceived as adequate, and why or why not.
Content development
You use carefully chosen, authoritative, and compelling content that demonstrates mastery of the subject; provides an advanced and thoughtful analysis of ideas; presents an in-depth synthesis of ideas demonstrating insight and interpretation; and includes meticulous references to readings wherever necessary.
You lucidly organize material into well-formed paragraphs and arrange ideas logically to support the purpose of the paper; writing is fluid with an explicit focus and sensible structure.
You support points and subpoints with abundant clarifying detail, include relevant and clearly attributed sources as necessary, and effectively link ideas; comprehensive evidence extends ideas and fully authenticates the purpose/thesis of the writing assignment or paper.
Sources and documentation
You clearly and effectively document sources of information with in-text citations linking to References at the end of the paper; APA format is complete and entirely accurate.
You write in complete, well-constructed sentences with faultless grammar, word choice, punctuation, and spelling; writing is sharp, coherent, and demonstrates sophisticated clarity.

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