Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program

Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program


We have studied the continuing impact of opioid overdoses that are devastating to our communities. Criminal Justice entities continue to be innovative in their response to this crisis. A particularly interesting new tool that recently rolled out in this endeavor is the ODMAP – Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program (http://www.odmap.org/). ODMAP is capable of providing, “near real-time suspected overdose surveillance data across jurisdictions” (ODMAP, 2020).

For this week’s discussion question go to the ODMAP website (http://www.odmap.org/) and review the information contained in the site. Use the site to answer the following questions:

Who was involved in the development of ODMAP and how was is created?
What is the overall objective of ODMAP and how would achieving that objective benefit law enforcement efforts to disrupt trafficking of opioids?
Using the website, review the participating agencies of the below listed counties. Choose ONE of the counties and list one participating agency from each discipline (for example, if there are multiple police departments involved in that county, only list one of them.) Examples of disciplines are health department, fire department, police department, coroner’s office, state agencies, federal agencies, city or county agencies, etc. Then describe how each agency would be expected to respond to data indicating a spike in opioid related overdose deaths impacting the jurisdiction that they serve.
Los Angeles County, California
Broward County, Florida
Cook County, Illinois
Prince George’s County, Maryland
For this discussion question, please examine the attached chart and answer the following:

What are the two drug types currently responsible for the most overdose deaths in Maryland?

From our studies, explain the similarities between these two drug types (specifically explain how they affect users and how addiction to and withdrawal from these drugs are related.)
Currently in Maryland, the overdose death rate for heroin is approximately 150% of the rate for prescription opioids. Present a theory for why this has occurred and what possible decision by drug users drove the trend in overdose death rates for these two drug types.


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