• Review the Learning Resources on organizational design and structure.
  • Explore the fictional organization created by Walden University for this course, People First San DiegoLinks to an external site.. Click on the website link here or access it via the Media tab in the Learning Resources.
  • For this Assignment, focus on the design of the People First San Diego organization and the organizational chart. Be sure to access the website’s Dashboard to review the organizational chart.
  • Imagine that you are a leader within the People First San Diego organization. You have been tasked with generating a comprehensive report about the organization’s design, culture, staff management, strategic planning, financial management and funding, and evaluation. You will present your final report to the board of directors.
  • For this Assignment, you write the first section on organizational design. You will continue to build the report in future assignments throughout the course.


Submit a 1- to 2-page paper (not including title page and references):

  • Organizational design is a formal process of integrating people, information, and technology. Using this definition and the Learning Resources, identify and describe People First San Diego’s organizational design.
  • Explain how the design supports People First San Diego’s mission.
  • Explain the importance and function of organizational charts. Then, explain what the People First San Diego organizational chart tells you about the company.

Use the Learning Resources to support your Assignment. Make sure to provide APA citations and a reference list. 


  • Furman, R., Gibelman, M., & Winnett, R. (2020). Organizational structure Download Organizational structure. InNavigating human service organizations: Essential information for thriving and surviving in agencies(4th ed., pp. 45–47). Oxford University Press.
    • Read the “Organization Structure” section and the organizational chart in this excerpt.Credit line: Navigating Human Service Organizations: Essential Information for Thriving and Surviving in Agencies, 4th Edition by Furman, R.; Gibelman, M.; Winnett, R. Copyright 2020 by Oxford University Press. Reprinted by permission of Oxford University Press via the Copyright Clearance Center. Licensed in 2022.
  • GreggU. (2019, November 17).Organizational design and structureLinks to an external site.[Video]. YouTube. approximate length of this media piece is 18 minutes.
  • Walden University, LLC. (2022).People First San DiegoLinks to an external site.[Interactive media]. Walden University Canvas. Bookmark this link, as you will return to this fictional organization’s website throughout the course.

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