Operating System and Application Programme

Operating System and Application Programme
In order for an application programme to interact with computer hardware, it must abide by the rules and procedures that have been programmed into the operating system. The operating system is composed of a set of rules and procedures that are used to interface between an application programme and computer hardware. The operating system (OS) frequently serves as a link between user programmes and hardware. If the operating system is the only program that can interact with hardware, the likelihood of a user programme misusing hardware will be reduced. System calls are the terms used to refer to calls made to the operating system (Tsiknas,2021).
Operating systems perform three primary functions: (1) managing the computer’s resources, such as the central processing unit (CPU), RAM, hard disc drives, and printers; (2) creating a user interface; and (3) executing and providing services for application programs. We create a user interface and then run software on the computer. Employees can access company data and resources via mobile devices without being tied to a single location thanks to mobile technology. When employees are working in the field, they have the ability to essentially take their office with them. This allows them to stay in touch while also increasing their productivity.
The primary reason for the invention of cell phones was to satisfy one of the most fundamental human needs, namely, the need to remain connected. Without a doubt, technological advancements have had a positive impact on humanity. With the ability to connect with anyone, anywhere, and at any time, cell phones have completely transformed the telecommunications industry, allowing us to communicate with anyone, at any time. Although an open platform offers greater flexibility, it can also be more difficult to operate and maintain than a closed platform. However, proprietary software is easier to use, but it restricts your options and comes at a greater financial cost. Software publishers have embraced the as-a-service model to its fullest extent. The advantages of SaaS include cost savings, ease of maintenance, and mobility. Security, contractual obligations, and a loss of control are some of the disadvantages. When it comes to SaaS applications, proper software asset management is essential (Shafique,2020).
A trend which I would want is the Internet of Things. IoT) is one of the most significant technological trends to have emerged in recent years. Internet of Things is a concept that simply put, is the idea that all technological devices can be linked together, both to the internet and to one another, in an attempt to create the perfect union between the physical and digital worlds (Abir,2020).
Operating System and Application Programme

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