Need Assessment Assignment

Need Assessment Assignment

This week you will prepare the “Needs Assessment” section of your Final Project.  This can be a fictitious or factual one. It is highly encouraged to leverage your work around your current or future employment goals.

Papers will include:

  • Title/cover page (in APA format)
  • Introduction of Problem/Issue (start to develop an introduction of the company, employees, training issues-to provide support for your Final Project)
  • Develop your Needs Assessment (Remember the 3 Steps-Organizational analysis, person analysis, task analysis).
    • What are the goals for the organization? How does this apply to your training?
    • Who are the people that will be trained? How will you determine who receives the training?
    • What tasks or skills are the focus of the training?
  • Methods used to conduct this assessment (can include-observations, interviews, surveys, questionnaires).  Keep in mind areas such as current performance, issues affecting learning, competency models, time and money, support from management, skills/attitudes, etc.
  • References (in APA format).

It is highly recommended that you use the bullet points above as headers within your paper. Papers will be 3-5 pages in content length, mostly narrative in format.  However, some items can be contained within a chart or table, or a bullet point outline since this is the initial start to your Final Project.  See the rubric for specific details to guide you in developing your papers.  Papers must follow APA guidelines (especially in regards to citing sources to avoid plagiarized work). You will utilize content from the weekly resources and any additional resources, such as scholarly articles, journals.  (Note: Wikipedia is not a scholarly resource).




Need Assessment Assignment

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