MTHM507 Communicating Data Science

MTHM507 Communicating Data Science
MTHM507 Communicating Data Science
CA3: Final Coursework Assignment: A written report on individual analysis and
clear writing, length of about 4000 words (equivalent to about 8 pages of text.
Contributes 40% to the final grade). Set in w/c 1st March and taking into account
the Exeter break, this is due in on Fri 30th April by 5pm.
The CA3 report is an individually written scientific report whose aim is to
communicate some more recent developments in science linked to data sciences
Oceans and climate theme. Your assignment task:
Explain a key issue (including using analysis methods from the course) covering the
data science topics of Oceanic extremes and the ocean plankton health status,
explain what the current state of knowledge is, the remaining uncertainties, their
causes, and propose way to address them.
Some ADSS guidance: This is a very broad topic – so choosing how to focus is
important. A lot of data and data science analysis products are in this material. Whilst
you may choose to quote and reproduce some figures from papers and quote facts and
phrases, this report is a place for you to also now include some of your own individual
analysis and ideas. As this module is about communication the course leader can give
you data extracts (on request), and use of code and discussion of outputs as a user (of
coded methods) is the level of analysis suited to this task. You will cover more technical
ADSS concepts in other parts of ADSS. Please aim the CA3 report to largely be your
own work (so keep reproducing material to a minimum). Take this opportunity to
introduce ideas you may have and to talk about these clearly.
The task and general assessment criteria for MTHM507 (all three assignments) are given on ELE:
Content: (50%) Does the report/presentation accurately address the question as set, given
constraints on the format of the assignment? Does the report/presentation connect the material
to an appropriate level of analysis and/or scientific detail for the theme? If part of a larger team
presentation, how do complementary team collaboration’s help build this and does this bring
new angles to the question?
Structure and presentation/delivery: (30%) Is the report/presentation clearly and correctly
formatted and structured? Have the authors attempted to use the structure and presentation to
emphasise the content? Are any sections, slides, diagrams or figures unnecessary or confusing?
For a report: are references and captions included and correctly presented where appropriate?
For a presentation: does it engage the audience? Is the delivery clear, audible and well-paced?
Ambition and originality: (20%) Does the report/presentation explore anything that is maybe
unusual but still highly relevant to the remit of the assignment? Is there evidence of intellectual
curiosity and originality?

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