Module 05 Diversity Management Project – Final Proposal

Rough draft needs proper revising. Rough draft completed and is attached with template. 

After making revisions (as needed) on rough draft, submit Final Draft of proposal now.


Requirements for final proposal include the following:

  • The proposal should be 5-8 pages, plus an APA-formatted title page and reference page.
  • Use correct proposal format () except use double spacing.
  • Your research must include at least one interview and two scholarly sources

 At the end of the day this is the diversity project. It needs to look presentable. It needs to make sense. You may choose to use the template or you may combine your total projects already submitted to make one project delivery. The choice is yours. Please try to avoid a lengthy paper over 16 pages, if possible. Try to keep it between 10- 15 pages or less, if possible. As a recommendation please use the following:

-APA style paper (An intro or Abstract, double space, 5 space indentation per paragraph, in-text citations, and a reference page)
-Title page
-Introduction about why you need a diversity project
-Introduction about your company
-Summarize everything discussed as brief and concise as possible

Remember your components

Identify the problem
Provide a solution

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