Migration And Security Assignment

Migration And Security Assignment
Global Technology Retailers (GTR) is a company founded in New York, NY in 1999. GTR started with just five employees but has since grown to over five thousand employees located in ten states and five countries. GTR specializes in online and traditional retail.

Due to the relatively rapid growth, the leadership of GTR wants to consolidate all standalone, on-premise systems in all of their offices into one enterprise-wide cloud solution. The company hopes to achieve cost savings and other perceived benefits of sharing data. You serve a dual role at GTR. You are the IT Architect for GTR and are helping them transition to the new technology to meet their needs. You also serve as the manager of their entire IT department and report to senior management of the company. When evaluating solutions for GTR, you need to bring the perspectives of both an IT Architect, as well as an IT manager.

Part 1:

GTR is now focused on more practical matters, such as migration of data from the various applications, and is wondering how this will work when they have many systems, databases, and tools that do not integrate.

Prepare a 10- to 12-slide PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes, focusing on migration, migration services, and tools. Your presentation should:

State the common operational drivers that cause companies to migrate to the cloud.
Explain the stages of cloud adoption in general terms to help GTR understand some of the key steps involved.
Describe the migration process.
Define the six common migration strategies and identify one that would be useful to your organization.
Include title and reference slides.
Create high-level Visio® diagrams of the stages of cloud adoption and the migration process. Save each of the diagrams separately and insert into your slide deck (.jpg, .gif, .png, .eps, .psd, .qti, .tiff) or as a PDF file and upload the PDF file separately with your slide presentation.

Part 2:

Assessment Resources: White Paper on Shared Responsibility Model (https://aws.amazon.com/compliance/shared-responsibility-model/) and other security resources from AWS

The final hurdle is addressing the organization’s concerns about cloud security. GTR leadership has requested that you present a report to address security and what AWS offers to ensure safe and secure cloud computing, storage, and access.

Write a two- to three-page security design and approach brief in which you:

Define the concept of a shared responsibility model in cloud security and expound on why this is unique to the cloud environment.
List common security threats in the cloud environment that GTR would want to consider.
List three security services and explain how these services would help mitigate threats. Take time to explore the services before developing your explanation.

Migration And Security Assignment

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