MBA 610 UMGC Management Leadership Strategies Annotated Bibliography

Write an annotated bibliography for each citation. The citations are being used to write a memorandum to the company I work for discussing how we can make sure that employees don’t make fraudulent transactions and making sure employees and the company stay on topic with the mission. It’s important to talk about the importance of ethics, behavior and organizational strategies. 

Fuller, C. P. (2015). Organizational Culture: Leadership Strategies, Outcomes and Effectiveness. Nova Science

Publishers, Inc.

Bishop, W. (2013). The Role of Ethics in 21st Century Organizations. Journal of Business Ethics, 118(3), 635-637.

Vardi, Y. (2001). The effects of organizational and ethical climates on misconduct at work. Journal of Business Ethics, 29(4), 325–337. doi:10.1023/A:1010710022834

Olson, S.D. (2013). Shaping an ethical workplace culture. SHRM Foundation: Alexandria, Va.

Kolb, R. W. (Ed.) (2008). . (Vols. 1-5). SAGE Publications, Inc.,

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