Manager Interview Assessment

Manager Interview Assessment

1. Briefly describe your current position and responsibilities. – Billing & Credit Manager. Process Credit Applications for potential customers – retrieve and analyze credit reports to determine if credit can be extended. Create account profiles. Review existing accounts to ensure continued credit worthiness. Close monitoring of high-risk accounts. Daily monitor and maintenance of Aging Receivable. Provide credit reference. Provide cash flow details to upper management as it relates to expected timing of payments. Respond to customer inquiries regarding open invoices, disputes etc. Generate Final Demand letter prior to elevating to third-party collection agency. Prepare and maintain weekly report of accounts past due $5k over 90 days to provide to Senior Management. Increase credit line or lift credit hold for terminals needing to enter additional loads – research is necessary to determine if this can be done. Manage and monitor the Invoicing team. Monitor customers set to automation of invoice distribution. Monitor and ensure invoices are correctly billed to customers. Work closely with the Terminal Managers, Operations and Sales teams on any rate issues or invoice discrepancies. Assist with any special projects given by Senior Management.

Manager Interview Assessment

2. What are the major stress and challenges you face on the job? – the most challenging to me in Collections is reaching out to all the customers that are past due in a timely manner and in Billing it’s making sure the customer is invoiced correctly the first time to avoid payment delay. Stress – I don’t have time for stress so really nothing stresses me. I am a very laid back and easy going person.

3. What if anything do you dislike about the job – I don’t dislike anything about my job.

4. Think about the skills and knowledge that you need to be effective in your job. What are they, and how did you acquire them? – Management skills. Collection and Billing knowledge. I have 40 years of experience that I acquired from on-the-job performance.

5. What do your subordinates expect from you on the job? – respect, sensitive to everyone’s needs and concerns. Accountability. Reliability. Guidance when needed.

6. What are the most rewarding and most challenging parts about being a manager? – Rewarding: sense of satisfaction when a goal is met. Challenging: dealing with conflicting personalities.

Manager Interview Assessment

7. What’s the best management advise you ever received? – Treat everyone the way you want to be treated with respect, kindness and have confidence in your team that the work will be done in an efficient and timely manner. Do not micromanage. Everything is fixable.

8. What is your experience in managing teams? – there have been times that it has been challenging with past teams, however, currently I have a great team and can breathe a little easier knowing I finally have the right team in place (Thank God).

9. What is the biggest challenge in managing teams? – individual personalities of each team member.

10. What advise do you have on what it takes to be an effective decision maker? – determine what decision needs to be made then gather relevant information, identify any alternatives, review the decision versus the consequence and act.

11. How would you describe the culture of an organization you work for? – flexible & collaborative

12. How do you plan and strategize in the company? – Identify the goal and measure the success of the workload.

13. How do you encourage your employees to be ethical? – lead by example.

Manager Interview Assessment

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