Macro Project Discussion

Macro Project Discussion

The macro project is intended to provide you with an experience of initiating change at a larger systems level. Your macro project should take place within the context of your field placement, and in collaboration with the key stakeholders of your respective site. The student and field instructor should mutually agree on the content of the macro project. It should be something that complements the skills you are using in your placement, is helpful to the agency/community, and is a learning experience for you.

Examples of acceptable macro projects include: planning and giving workshops, developing curricula/programs, developing training manuals, organizing a community event, developing a short video, community organizing, organizational assessments, political action, policy work, grant writing, fundraising, developing directories, resource manuals, etc.

The final individual or group 10-page paper is required detailing the following: Macro Project Activity, Planning/Research conducted, Project Implementation, Project Evaluation, Theoretical Foundations, Expected Effect on your Agency/Community. Be sure to include information from the readings of this class, as well as theories and lectures in your paper and presentation. Please follow the paper rubric carefully.

I intern at Socal United way 211 as a crisis counselor to member who call that are feeling suicidal. please resource 211 crisis line. Everything is based on suicide prevention.


Macro Project Discussion

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