Lee Canter Case Study Discussion

Lee Canter Case Study Discussion
Instructions on Lee Canter Case Study:
I have chosen Lee Canter as my theorist for this presentation. I have also chosen the case study
that reflects the use of this theory within the presentation. In your own words, describe why you
believe this Case Study reflects this theorist and theory(s). In addition, read through the
Commentary included within the Case Study that is found in Atlas and explain how the
Commentary includes a description that also reflects this theorist and theories.
Using the information collected, each student will prepare and present one Case Study
PowerPoint presentation on Lee Canter Case Study Discussion.
As you develop your presentation please incorporate the following:
1. Introduce the theorist and include historical information about their education.
2. Describe their key theories about education and/or behavior.
3. Briefly describe the Atlas Case Study – be sure to include the Case Study Number
4. Explain how these theories are applied in the educational setting within the Case Study.
5. Provide any additional information and conclusions relative to the theorist and or their
theory(s) and how it applies to the Case Study.
6. Provide at least 5 reputable, scholarly resources in APA format.
7. Read through the rubric used to score the PowerPoint Presentation.
PowerPoint Guidelines:
1. Include a minimum of 10 slides, including introduction slide and list of resources)
2. Use color and graphics effectively. Have content organized
3. Use text effectively, do not try to include too much text in one slide
4. Slides should be clear and specific, easy to read and understand
5. Do not overcrowd slide with print
6. Embed video to support your theorist and/or their theory(s)

Case Study: (I am attaching 2 options for case study please just let me know which one you
think will fit best to use and use either option 1 or 2 listed below.)

Option 1: Instructional Context
Ahyden, the student featured in this entry is a nine-year-old third grader. Ahyden was identified
by his teacher as having a substantial academic need: He was referred because he struggled
academically in math due to disorganization, lack of attention to details and difficulty finishing
work. Initially theteacher referred him to participate in my school success group. But due to the
severity of Ahyden’s needs small group was not a good fit. My school success group is six weeks
long and although organization and attention/focus are topics that are covered, I did not feel it’s
intense enough to meet his need. That’s how Ahyden was selected for academic counseling to
maximize academic learning.

Ahyden has been at my school since Kindergarten, which is the year that I began working as the
counselor. I’ve worked with him in the capacity of school wide and guidance activities. I believe
that as he’s expected to do more the disorganization has become more of an issue. Ahyden is
mixed race, Hispanic and Caucasian. Spanish is spoken in the home but he’s proficient in English
and does not require any language support. This characteristic was not a factor in my decision to
select him. The selection was based on him failing to meet grade level expectations because of
his disorganization.

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