Improving Leader Ship Discussions

Improving Leader Ship Discussions

Task 1:

share at least THREE takeaways from the readings/videos/self-assessments on leadership (200 word minimum).

Reading Videos:

Why credibility is the foundation of leadership | Barry Posner

Ken Blanchard – Servant Leadership

Act Like the Leader You Want to Be

Reading Files:

Please see attached files “leader Ship Files”

Task 2:

leave TWO replies on your classmates’ posts

Post 1:

Why would anyone follow you? By Barry Posner. “Why credibility is the foundation of leadership.” Throughout this video, there are many good questions that the speaker poses, and I found myself trying to answer those questions myself before the speaker revealed what he believes to be the answers to the question of what it means to be a good leader. The first thing I did was to think of every possible question and then started asking myself and making some connections, and eventually found the answers to the questions I had asked myself. Following someone is often a sign that they can rely on them, they can trust them, and they also feel safe with that person. Barry mentioned so many things that made me think of the relationship that I have with my older sister. I’ve always looked up to my sister, whom I consider to be my role model, and she has always been the leader of my siblings. Every time I have a problem, I turn to her for help. She is one of the only people I trust to tell me to do stuff I am afraid of doing even though it may scare me. It also makes me feel safe when she asks me to do something because I know that as a result of it, I will be able to achieve the results I want. There are four characteristics that I have also taken away from the video, and they are honesty, trustworthiness, credibility, and having a personal point of view is also one of them. My sister is one of those leaders who acts and does what she says. That’s one of the reasons that those examples made me think of her.



Post 2:

The first takeaway I have this week is from the Barry Posner YouTube Ted talk. He made an excellent point that leaders in order to be leaders need to have followers and demonstrate credibility. Credibility consists of honesty, competency, inspiration, and forward looking. Leaders also want to keep learning and not accept the status quo. A great example of this is a boss who demonstrates credibility is more likely going to have workers follow their lead and share the same or similar vision.

The second takeaway is from the Ken Blanchard video on servant leadership. Servant leadership is where leaders serve first and then lead second. Ken made it clear anyone can be a leader and he listed three things that make a good servant leader. One is to have clear goals of what you want to accomplish. Two is to give praise to those who have earned it. The third thing is to redirect people if they are going off the path and not performing up to the standards that you expect and set. These are all great things to aspire to do and act for leaders. My current employer tries to promote servant leadership within the company. Servant leadership shows the leaders in the organization care about others.

My third and final takeaway is from the leadership challenge reading. They list five practices of exemplary leadership. Model the way is where leaders must walk the walk and model their behavior if they want buy in from others. Inspiring a shared vision is where the leader has an attractive vision in the future that others share as well. Challenge the process is third. This is where the status quo must not be accepted, and adaptive change must take place. The fourth is to enable others to act, this is where trust and collaboration occur between leaders and the active followers. The final practice is to encourage the heart, which is when a leader gives praise and shows appreciation for others’ work.





Improving Leader Ship Discussions


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