Implementation Of Quality Initiatives

Implementation Of Quality Initiatives


You are the CEO of St. Thomas Regional Healthcare Center. Over the past five years, you lead significant quality improvement initiatives resulting in national recognition and Magnet status. You are invited to speak at a national quality improvement conference for other hospital leaders.


“Complete a strategic plan and a complementing PowerPoint summary presentation”, which reflect your process of developing and implementing quality improvement initiatives.

Your strategic plan should include:

  1. Summary of changes in healthcare quality improvement initiatives over the past 10 years and how they are influencing healthcare practices.
  2. An analysis of state and national health care quality measures and the quality improvement principles used in developing your initiatives.
  3. Discuss the Magnet model components and quality improvement initiatives developed to address patient safety outcomes.
  4. Explain the quality improvement model used and strategies developed to address patient safety challenges healthcare.
  5. Identify two quality improvement initiatives and strategies that include engaging healthcare staff as part of the initiative.
  6. Summary of common threats to quality improvement in healthcare and apply a quality improvement model and strategies neutralizing the threats.

Create a PowerPoint presentation, with ”detailed speaker note” (USE POWER POINT TEMPLATE ATTACHED) for the conference that summarizes the strategic plan. All files have been attached for this assignement

Al” (USE POWER POINT TEMPLATE ATTACHED) for the conference that summarizes the strategic plan.l


Implementation Of Quality Initiatives

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