Help With Discussion

Help With Discussion

Social media marketers, like TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter are supported by advertising (it’s over 90% of their revenue).  That means they need to monitor and analyze your discussions, posts, videos on their platforms and also monitor activity on the internet that occurs outside their platforms (including activities like shopping, messaging, streaming) to provide data to advertisers to more effectively target you for ads.  Is it worth it?  Would you rather have your online activity under constant surveillance and get free access to social media, or would you prefer to pay a monthly subscription (let’s say $5 a month) to use social media without ads and constant surveillance?  Why?

Also, imagine you work for a marketing agency that provides treatment for persons with migraine headaches.  Is it OK to use social media monitoring to identify persons having discussions about their migraine headaches to target ads to them, or should that information about health conditions be considered private and confidential?  What would you do as a marketing professional who is presented with the challenge of reaching persons who suffer from migraine headaches?

Write 1-2 paragraph’s only

Reply to classmate:

Classmate Mauricio: Selecting paid social media without advertisements and continual surveillance over free social media would depend on the individual’s beliefs and interests. While some people may not mind the ongoing monitoring and tailored advertising, others could find the concept uncomfortable. Privacy-conscious users who want to access social media without advertisements and surveillance could pay a monthly subscription fee. It is starting to be introduced on social media platforms like Twitter and Snapchat which are introducing a premium version of their applications for a low monthly rate. With this choice, individuals would have more control over their personal information and wouldn’t have to worry about it being used for other things, like targeted advertising. Some people might believe that social media has advantages surpassing privacy concerns. Social media has evolved into a vital tool for interacting with people, communicating, and keeping up with the latest news. By offering free access to these platforms, people who might not have the money to pay for a subscription can still take part in these components of modern society. Users may benefit from targeted advertising as it enables them to find new goods and services that they may find interesting. I myself don’t mind using free access to social media, and wouldn’t want to pay for a $ 5-a-month subscription because I don’t think that the targeted advertising is that much of an encroachment on my privacy. I also don’t mind seeing targeted ads because it might lead me to check out something new I wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

When looking for people who could be interested in a specific good or service, such as a migraine treatment, social media monitoring can be a useful tool. Individuals have the right to protect their own private health information since it is regarded as sensitive and confidential information. People agree to terms and conditions that, to a certain extent, permit the use of personal data for data collecting. Marketing professionals find this to be challenging and must be cautious to utilize this information responsibly and in accordance with existing rules and regulations. Using comparable data might be one way to tailor advertisements to migraine sufferers without jeopardizing their privacy. As a marketing expert, one may examine social media postings or search data to identify people who are likely to get migraine headaches based on their patterns of activity, such as purchase history or search history of painkillers online. Without directly gaining access to the individual’s personal health information, they might utilize this information to target advertisements to these people.  Another idea would be to collaborate with medical professionals or patient advocacy organizations who would help in your campaigns. Influencers who speak on health-related topics could also assist in running a campaign targeted toward people who suffer from migraines.



Help With Discussion

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