Framers of the Constitution

Framers of the Constitution
The Framers of the Constitution intended for the Legislative Branch to be the “first among equals,” affording the Congress many responsibilities and the authority to carry them out. However, modern politics is dominated by the executive branch. Write an essay which explores the powers of Congress. How does Congress exercise its checks and balances over the executive branch? Which chamber of Congress has more authority over the executive branch? Provide examples. How might partisanship help to diminish the exercise of congressional power over the presidency? In your estimation, is Congress still the “First Branch” or has the focus on the Executive reduced its capacity to serve as the voice of the people?

That is what my professor wrote under the topic.^

If any part of your responses are informed by outside sources (the internet, news articles for examples), you are obligated to provide a citation with the entire web address/link to where you found the information. Failure to do so will result in no credit awarded to the question.
Avoid using the dictionary, except for purposes of comparison. Use your textbook to define concepts. This is an easy way to show the reader that you are employing the textbook.

Whenever possible, provide examples or illustrations demonstrate your understanding of the core concepts and always explain your reasoning — even if the prompt does not specifically call for it.

Students may discuss the content of the exam with one another, but responses need to be personal and ‘own’ the material. Demonstrate that you alone are able to respond to the prompt. Collaboration that border on plagiarism or reflects actual plagiarism, intended or accidental, will receive a score of zero. Your best bet is to not work together.

Avoid directly quoting the textbook without using proper citation format (a Works Cited and “in-text citations” with page numbers). Paraphrase whenever possible to show me you understand the material. Directly quoting the textbook is the cardinal sin of any take-home exam in college, as it shows you don’t understand the material enough to explain it yourself. Include in-text pagination when paraphrasing (pg. 56). Some content from the textbook may be written close to word-for-word, for instance, a core concept or definition. The real key to short answer responses are using examples to illustrate the concepts and topics in the prompts.

These are instructions he also left for the citations and sources. Also, if it’s possible he prefers if the essay ia “Word Document”

Framers of the Constitution

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