Fine Arts Discussion

Fine Arts Discussion

1.  Choose a piece of art from any of the lessons within the course. Utilize the vocabulary you’ve learned so far to examine its formal qualities. Once you have completed your examination, discuss the following: in what specific ways has this work been created?  What are the specific manners in which it was required to make this work?


One of the most significant elements in learning about art is knowing the context in which they are made.  The context, or framework, informs and defines the work and artist.  This gives deeper meaning and insight into the purpose of an artwork and the intentions of the artist.  Include a summary of the context of the work you chose.


Choose any two works from any time period covered within the course and find a thematic connection. Explain your choice using specific examples from each work. (The works you choose do not have to be from this week’s lesson. They can be from any time period or style — your choice!)


Choose a work from this lesson that illustrates a significant cultural influence on its creation and discuss its historical context. How did the culture in which the work was created influence the work? (What particular ideologies played a role in its creation and where do you see this influence reflected in the work you chose?) Make sure to point to specific examples of the influence of the culture on the work. Use details in your explanation.


Fine Arts Discussion

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