Financial Performance Review Presentation

Financial Performance Review Presentation

general manager must be able to examine financial statements, annual reports, and other market data to analyze organizational performance. Bringing your innovations to market requires that you understand your organization’s strategic objectives and can leverage business strategies to create competitive advantage.

This week, you will demonstrate performance management when you complete a financial performance review presentation. You will start scanning and researching the industry that is the right market for your innovation.

Assessment Deliverable

Create an 8- to 10-slide analysis of the organizational performance of the competitors for your innovation, including detailed speaker notes.

Research financial statements or annual reports of at least 2 companies in the same or a comparable industry. Examine their business models and identify strategies the companies use to achieve their business objectives.

Analyze the companies and describe what you learned about their organizational performance. Consider the following in your analysis:

  • How do they generate revenue?
  • How do they distribute their products or services to their customers?
  • How do they acquire their customers?
  • Why is their product or service valuable to their customers (absolute value)?

Evaluate how your research applies to your innovation. Consider the following in your evaluation:

  • What lessons can you apply to your own innovation?
  • How does your organizational analysis relate to the development of a strategy to bring your innovation to market?

Cite any references to support your assessment according to APA guidelines.



Financial Performance Review Presentation


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